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PLM33 - Fast transducer

PLM33 is converter of electrical values, which is used for distribution networks. Function of the device is monitoring of voltage and current trends in all phases. Furthermore, the device provides mentioned data to superior system, e.g. data logger, monitoring system, PLC, and so on. The PLM33 is equipped with 32 bits RISC processor, which provides quick calculations during real-time measurement. Actualization of measured values run in interval of 2 ms. It’s possible to read those values with PROFIBUS protocol.

  • PROFIBUS DP-V1 and USB interface
  • 3 voltage inputs, 3 current inputs and 1 separate voltage input
  • Measured values are refreshed every 2 ms
  • 24 VDC power supply
  • U,I,P,Q, Frequency and Unbalace measurement
  • Measured values and communication over PROFIBUS is possible to extend by manufacturer according to customer requirements


PLM33 digitalizes signals of voltages and currents and from the samples computes every 2ms effective values of network. Computed values are immediately available on Profibus interface. Devise is also equipped with USB interface which is used for communication with computer software PLM33PC.


PLM33PC is computer software determined for PLM33 devices. Software brings a basic overview of measured values, device parametrization and interface for uploading of new device firmware. Software is designed for operation system Windows. PLM33 is connecting to software by USB interface.


Measuring values

Parameter L1 L2 L3 L1-2 L2-3 L3-1 ∑L1-L3 Measuring range Displayed range Accuracy
Phase voltage       1...300V 0…750kV 0.2%
Line volatge         1.73...520V 0...1.3MV 0.2%
Frequency         40..70Hz 40...70Hz 10mHz
Current       10mA...13A 0…750kA 0.2%
CosΦ         0.01L...0.01C 0.01L...0.01C 1%
Power factor       0.01L...0.01C 0.01L...0.01C 1%
Active power       0...3.9kW 0...999GW 0.2%
Reactive power       0...3.9kvar 0...999Gvar 0.2%
Apparent power       0...3.9kVA 0...999GVA 0.2%
Voltage asymmetry             1...300V 0...750kV 0.2%
Current asymmetry             10mA...13A 0...750kA 0.2%

Technical parameters

Parameter Value
Power supply 24 VDC
Burden < 8 VA
Sampling rate 6.4 kHz
Response time 2.5ms (50Hz), 2.08 (60Hz)
Measuring accuracy 1% (10 - 40Hz), 0.2% (40 – 70Hz), 1% (70 – 130 Hz)
Communication PROFIBUS DP-V1, USB
Ambient temperature -25...+70°C
Dimension 157 x 86 x 60mm, DIN rail mounting
Weight ca 300g
Related standards EN61010-1,EN 62586-1, EN 6000-6-2, EN 61000-6-3


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